The homegrown family-favorite restaurant,now you can run as your own business. Become part of Mama Lou’s Family!

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen 

Cozy restaurant adored by guests,
            celebs, and malls

 From a humble family restaurant, Mama Lou’s has become one of metro’s top choice casual dining food destinations—a favorite hangout among families, and celebrities, too! Serving authentic Italian dishes, Mama Lou’s brings your family closer in the company of good food made with “unconditional love”. For traditional franchising, you can never go wrong with being an owner of Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, a proven and tested brand.

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Mama Foods Cloud Kitchen

Multiple restaurant brands,
            one kitchen

Mama Foods Cloud Kitchen is a new platform where guests can order affordable resto-quality meals within 30-minute delivery time. This virtual restaurant with multiple brands is optimized for food delivery—allowing lower capital investment, reduced operating costs, and zero waste. Think of a sustainable, profitable, and low-risk business suited to the “new normal”.

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Mama Fresh Meal Subscription

Subscription-based meal
        delivery service

Mama Fresh is a subscription-based packed meal delivery service perfect for the health-conscious and always-on-the-go. Fresh meals are pre-cooked, frozen or chilled, microwaveable food packs freshly made from Mama’s kitchen. Its subscription model presents a negative inventory system. Since customers pre-order, it’s an opportunity for a stable revenue stream.

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We recognize our guests’ new dining needs because MAMA KNOWS BEST! Be our partner in providing nourishing meals and nurturing moments everyone deserves.

Why franchise with us?

Tried & Tested Business Concept

Mama Lou’s has evolved from a rustic neighborhood restaurant into one of family-favorite casual restaurants and well-recognized brands in the metro. Well-loved by many, young and old. Mama Lou’s is already a household name attracting even influencers and celebrities.

High Return

We have loyal guests and strong online following. With the help of our web business tools, our aggressive sales efforts always result in high order volumes and repeat sales.

Zero-Waste Cloud Kitchen Platform

Easily operate an online restaurant with a delivery-focused kitchen through our cloud-based platform. Opportunity for lower capital investment, reduced operating costs, & sustainable business

Subscription Model with Negative Inventory System

Our subscription-based business model allows for a stable cash flow. The pre-ordering &advanced payment processes create a positive revenue stream.

Fully Equipped Commissary

Our commissary is designed for efficient end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Site Ocular & Construction

We will help you find the best location and assist you from designing, bidding, to the construction of your store.


We embrace trends, and hunger for great ideas to discover newest flavors & recipes. We regularly research and develop new menu offerings.

Extensive Support (Business/Marketing/Operations)

We will provide system-wide marketing campaigns and materials, from digital advertising to store branding. Also, we will assist you in the hiring & manpower, training, and operations.

Sales Review & Discussion

We will assist you in reviewing and discussing your sales performance.

To us, you’re more than a partner. We see to it that while we thrive, so do you!


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We can’t wait for you to become one of our growing partners in creating meaningfulconnections one person, one family, one community at a time...Keep making nourishing moments with Mama Lou’s.