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"Creating meaningful connections through excellent food and impeccable service— one person, one family, one community at a time."


Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen’s menu pays homage to all-time favorite Italian cuisine with Insalate, antipasti, zuppe, pizza, pasta, and main dishes, as well as yummy desserts and refreshing drinks. A taste of authentic Italian flavor and flair, our menu uses ingredients that are sourced out from Italy.

Love is our comfort food. In every food we serve, we put a spell of love into it—the same passion and love that our Mama Lou used to prepare meals for her guests. Simply put, our home-cooked dishes are meticulously prepared with a “mother’s love.” A nostalgic taste that makes you feel at home, brightens up your day, and brings your family closer. 


Creating meaningful connections through excellent food and impeccable service— one person, one family, one community at a time.


To bring Filipino hospitality to everyone's story.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

"We strongly believe that it is our mission to create meaningful connections through our Italian dishes and Filipino Hospitality."

David P. Sison
President, CEO


Who We Are

David P. Sison

President, CEO

David strengthens the company structure and leads the team closer to its vision. His strategic foresight has served as a growth catalyst for Mama Lou's, making it his top priority to extend Filipino Hospitality in every way he can.

Crystal T. Sison

Managing Directress

Crystal is very supportive of her parents' passion. As the eldest daughter of Richard & Malou (Mama Lou) she started helping out in their first restaurant back in 2001 at the age of 14. Brought up with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she now acts a managing directress who oversees all things financial.

Richard G. Tremblay


Richard worked as an IT professional for years before he chose to build a restaurant with his family. Even now, his passion for service drives him to visit tables from time to time with his infectious smile and a genuine warmth.

Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen


Recognitions of Love

"From a humble family restaurant, Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen has become one of Metro Manila’s well-loved dining spots.”


"We share the same values, your more than a customer. Mga bisita namin kayo!"

Ayala Malls

"The staff has an enthusiasm that is contagious, hence diners are readily put in a happy, excited mood.“

The Quiet Diner,
Philippine Daily Inquirer